GreeneStreets. Feature photo of a back country road in Greene County, Indiana. Courtesy of Nick Schneider.

Warrant issued for Switz City woman accused of criminal mischief in Lyons

A summons was sent to Morgan Turner, 23, of Switz City, ordering her to appear in Greene Superior Court for an initial hearing early last Thursday, June 28.

The summons was unable to be delivered or forwarded. It was returned to the court. And Turner failed to appear, so instead of a conducting a hearing, the court ordered a warrant be issued for her arrest.

During an incident in Lyons that occurred the evening of Thursday, May 31, Turner allegedly wanted to fight another woman who was the girlfriend of Turner’s ex-husband. This incident occurred when Turner gave a male friend a ride to a residence on Mulberry Street in Lyons, which was the residence of Turner’s ex-husband and his girlfriend.

Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Harvey Holt was dispatched to the home after the girlfriend called police to make a complaint about the threat from Turner.

In Holt’s report, he said the woman told him when Turner arrived, she started yelling and wanted to fight, so she (the girlfriend) went inside the house to call police. But Turner followed her and she said she told Turner to leave several times. She said Turner then grabbed her phone to prevent her from making the call, took the phone outside, continued to yell that she wanted to fight, then when the woman did not go outside, Turner allegedly threw the phone on the ground, damaging the phone.

Holt talked to at least three witnesses who said they did not see what happened inside the house but they could hear the woman telling Turner to leave.

Holt wrote that when he talked to Turner, she admitted that she was not invited but followed the woman inside the house, took the phone from her and threw the phone down outside in the grass.

The preliminary charges filed against Turner are:    

  • Interference with the reporting of a crime, a Class A misdemeanor, and
  • Criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor.

On this same evening, the friend that got a ride with Turner to go to this house, allegedly punched another man in the head. Criminal charges were filed – see story, that will be posted after this one, on Kalib White for details on the second case, also investigated by Deputy Holt.