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Linton woman in jail accused of battery on another inmate and a jail officer

Caressa Robinson

Caressa Robinson

A Linton woman has had four criminal cases filed against her in a little over a year’s time. All of them involve allegations of battery in physical fights she’s allegedly started.

After one incident, she was arrested and the first case was filed. She was convicted and sentenced to time in the Greene County Jail. The other three cases were filed after incidents that took place in the jail.

So she’s serving time in the first case, the second case was dismissed as a result of a negotiated plea agreement filed in the first case, and the third and fourth cases are still pending.

The first case was investigated by Officer Nick Yingling of the Linton Police Department.

The other three cases were investigated by Detective Shawn Cullison of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

Yingling was dispatched to a domestic fight at a residence in Linton on March 30, 2017.

In a narrative written to establish probable cause, Yingling said a relative of Robinson had tried to get her to do some work around the house but she got mad and started throwing things. When the relative tried to stop her, Robinson hit them. When another relative tried to step in, Robinson allegedly hit them on the head. Yingling reported he observed blood on both individuals and when he asked Robinson for her side of the story, she said she didn’t have one.

Robinson was taken into custody and on the way to jail, she allegedly told Yingling she didn’t know why she did what she had done to the two individuals.

Inside the Greene County Jail, Det. Cullison was informed of a fight between Robinson and another female inmate that occurred on June 19, 2017. After the two were separated, photographs were taken that showed no injuries to Robinson but the other inmate had redness to both sides of her neck and a scratch and bruising to her elbows.

The incident was recorded on video. Cullison said it showed Robinson placing her hands on the inmate’s neck then shoving her against a wall. When the inmate tried to get away from Robinson by sitting on her bed, Robinson tried to pull her off before officers entered the area.

These two cases were resolved in February of 2018 under the terms of a negotiated plea agreement. Robinson was convicted of two counts of domestic battery in the first case, both as Class A misdemeanors. The second case was dismissed.

Robinson was sentenced to one year in jail on each count with the sentences to be served consecutively, one after the other. She was given credit for time served.

Then another incident occurred in April of 2018 – another fight between Robinson and a different female inmate. In this incident, video allegedly shows Robinson picking up food trays and striking the inmate in the head then hitting her with both hands. The charge against her is battery resulting in bodily injury, a Class A misdemeanor.

The last incident occurred in early May of 2018. Cullison reported that Robinson had pulled her blankets and mat inside a bathroom where she was out of the view of jail staff and video cameras. She was asked by a female jail officer to come out of the bathroom but she refused. Once she stood up, officers attempted to move her blankets and mat out and had hold of her arm when she lunged forward and hit a male jail officer on the side of his head.

The charge in the fourth case is battery against a public safety official, a Level 6 felony.

Court records indicate Robinson has undergone mental health evaluations and evaluations to determine her competency to stand trial.

Records also note that the court has not been able to complete some hearings as scheduled in these cases due to Robinson’s disruptive behavior during the hearings.

Robinson is currently incarcerated in the Greene County Jail where she is still serving out her sentence. The last two cases are still pending with hearings scheduled this summer.