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Worthington Town Marshal takes pushing and punching couple to jail

Uriah Resler

Uriah Resler

When Town Marshal Randy Raney responded to a report of a domestic battery in progress in Worthington last Thursday, the couple involved allegedly said they’d been pushing and punching each other. Marshal Raney took them both to jail.

Uriah James Resler, 32, was booked in around 2:40 p.m. and Lisa Resler, 40, was booked in around 1:40 p.m. on Thursday, July 5.

Marshal Raney, of the Worthington Police Department, was dispatched by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department to the couple’s residence on Christian Street and said Uriah Resler told him WPD Deputy Marshal Russell Walls had been there the day before, on the Fourth of July, about a verbal argument between the two.

According to Marshal Raney, Uriah Resler said he willingly left the residence and stayed with family until he was picked up by Lisa Resler later that night. Then the next day, the argument started again.

Raney said he saw blood on the front of Lisa Resler’s shirt and she said she had pushed and punched Uriah Resler in the face, then he punched her in the nose. They both said they had pushed and punched each other.

Lisa Resler

Lisa Resler

According to Raney’s report, Uriah Resler admitted he had struck Lisa Resler in the face.

Both Uriah and Lisa Resler have since posted bond and been released from jail.

Criminal cases have been filed against both of them.

They are both scheduled to appear in Greene Superior Court for initial hearings when both of them will be charged with domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor.