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Woman allegedly battered by a man at the end of a night out

Charles Michael Randle

Charles Michael Randle

A supposedly homeless man from the Ellettsville area who now lists a home address in eastern Greene County is accused of battery on a Greene County woman who said she refused his advances at the end of a night out.

Charles Michael Randle, 46, now of rural Solsberry, is facing a charge of battery resulting in bodily injury, a Class A misdemeanor.

The incident, which occurred early Monday, May 14, was investigated by Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Goad.

Around 3:30 a.m., Greene County Dispatch got a call from the Ellettsville Police Department saying officers were with a woman who said she had been battered by Randle at the Pinewood convenience store and gas station in eastern Greene County around midnight.

Goad met an EPD officer and the woman at the Greene County line.

When Goad talked to the woman, she explained she drove to Ellettsville where Randle lived and he took her out for Mother’s Day then was going to drive her home but he drove too far and stopped at the gas station instead where he attempted to kiss her. He got upset when she said no.

Randle was apparently driving her vehicle.

According to Goad’s report, she could not remember exactly what happened but she remembered being on the ground at Pinewood while he allegedly punched her in the face, told her he wanted her to die, then forced her back into the vehicle. She said she wanted to go home but he allegedly said no, that they’d make this up and be all right, then drove her back to Ellettsville where her vehicle ran out of gas.

She did not have her cell phone with her and said she was yelling for help in Ellettsville.

When EPD officers arrived, Randle took off on foot and the EPD said they were unable to locate him.

Goad reported the woman had scrapes on her lips and chin, bruising under an eye, a scrape above an eye and a hemorrhage to the eye that caused blood to show around the iris, and she had multiple bruises on both arms, her chest and her back.

On May 17, a criminal case was filed in Greene Superior Court against Randle and he was sent a summons ordering him to appear in court for an initial hearing on June 18. The summons was not able to be delivered, and Randle was a no-show at the hearing. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Randle was arrested last Friday. Immediately following his arrest, Randle posted a cash bond of $500, was given a court date and released.

He’s now scheduled to appear for his initial hearing early Thursday, July 26.