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Angel Lange awarded position of Honorary Lt. Colonel by Indiana DNR Law Enforcement

All photos of Angel Lange Courtesy of Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Divison

All photos of Angel Lange Courtesy of Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Divison

Indiana Conservation Officers are reporting that Robert “Angel” Lange of Vincennes, has been awarded the position of Honorary Lt. Colonel with the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Division. 

Angel has been a licensed state and federal wildlife rehabilitator for over twenty five years.  It is estimated he has cared for over 1,500 animals and birds during that time with a success rate of releasing animals back into the wild at over ninety percent. 

Criteria to be considered for this award includes a civilian who has significant lifetime contributions that have shaped the integrity and professionalism of the Department of Natural Resources.

Throughout the years Angel has participated in numerous public appearances with media, school groups and outdoor clubs educating people about wildlife and how to properly care for them if they are sick, injured or orphaned.  He routinely handles calls or complaints to help citizens. 

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Countless hours and personal finances have been dedicated to the care of Indiana’s wildlife.  Some of the animals that have been to his facility include deer, coyote, raccoon, squirrels, foxes, bobcats, rabbits, opossum and numerous birds of prey.  Recently Angel has seen three bald eagles in his care returned back into the wild or located in a zoo. 

Past awards Angel has received include a Heroism Award from the Post Office in 1990, Outstanding Service Award from the Department of Natural Resources in 2000 and Vincennes Civitan Club Citizen of the year award in 2016.

Angel was a student of Pat Jennings who taught Conservation Law at Vincennes University for over thirty years and who was the first ever recipient of the Honorary Lt. Colonel Award.  This is only the sixth time in the division’s history this position has been awarded.

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