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Two men arrested after fight inside Bloomfield High Rise

Cameron Swaby

Cameron Swaby

Two men were arrested after police responded to a fight inside the High Rise last Thursday.

One was in court this morning (Thursday) and the other is scheduled to appear on Monday – both are facing a charge of disorderly conduct involving engaging in fighting, a Class B misdemeanor.

Cameron Scott Swaby, 28, with a home address listed as Portage, Ind., and Chad Allen Phillips, 28, Bloomfield, were booked in to the Greene County Jail late Thursday, May 31.

The fight was noisy. A resident in a nearby apartment heard the two men exchanging words in the hallway. The words continued inside the apartment of Phillips on the sixth floor. Once the men were inside the apartment, the neighbor heard what sounded like a physical fight with things being thrown or knocked over. The neighbor called 911.

Lt. Marvin Holt, a Deputy Marshal with the Bloomfield Police Department, responded at 8:10 p.m. along with BPD Deputy Marshal Jordan Allor to the High Rise Apartment Building Complex at 100 West Main Street in Bloomfield.

When the two officers arrived, they intercepted Swaby and his brother in the stairwell. They were coming down the stairs to leave the building. Holt said they were both breathing heavily and Swaby was bleeding from his mouth and an eye area.

Holt talked to Swaby and reported Swaby said he had not been fighting with anybody but he was playing flag football in Linton before traveling to the High Rise.

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Allor talked to Swaby’s brother and reported the brother said he drove Swaby over to the High Rise to confront Phillips about some things Phillips had been saying. The brother allegedly said when they went upstairs, Swaby and Phillips got into a verbal argument that turned into a physical altercation inside the apartment. He said two or three punches were thrown between Swaby and Phillips, which resulted in Swaby’s injuries. He also said after Swaby got hit twice, he (the brother) intervened to split the two men apart and then the he and Swaby ran down the stairs.

While the officers were talking to Swaby and his brother, Chad Phillips came walking a door of the building. He allegedly said he had not been in an altercation.

Witnesses said otherwise and described both Swaby and Phillips as the two men who had been fighting inside the building.

Both were handcuffed and transported to jail.

Swaby was released after posting $100 cash, ten percent of a $1,000 bond. Phillips was released after posting $150 cash, ten percent of a $1,500 bond.

Both men were then scheduled to appear in Greene Superior Court for their initial hearings.