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Linton man screaming racial slurs charged with disorderly conduct

William Stevenson, Jr.

William Stevenson, Jr.

A Linton man accused of yelling racial epithets who allegedly told a police officer he hated black people, wound up in jail in late June. On Monday in Greene Superior Court, he was charged with disorderly conduct involving unreasonable noise, a Class B misdemeanor.

William T. Stevenson, Jr., 57, was arrested by Sgt. Logan Hobbs of the Linton Police Department and booked in to the Greene County Jail around 11 p.m. on Thursday, June 28.

Sgt. Hobbs was dispatched to the area of 1st and ‘F’ Streets NW in Linton about a disorderly person. Once there, he was told Stevenson had been driving past a home in that neighborhood, yelling a racial slur at another person. Hobbs reported that while he was there, he could hear screaming coming from another location so he drove there.

Sgt. Hobbs wrote in a probable cause affidavit that he found Stevenson in what appeared to be an intoxicated state, on his porch yelling, “I hate that n*****.” When asked if he had been driving past another home, Stevenson allegedly said he had and that he had called another person several disparaging names.

Sgt. Hobbs asked why and Stevenson allegedly replied that it was because he hated black people.

Stevenson was warned that if he continued, he could be charged with disorderly conduct and Stevenson agreed to quiet down and go to sleep.

Sgt. Hobbs said he went back to the other home to tell the residents there that Stevenson was going to go to sleep and stop bothering them for the night.

But while Hobbs was talking to them, he heard Stevenson yell, “N*****!” from his residence. When Hobbs got back to Stevenson’s, he said he found Stevenson standing on the sidewalk still yelling racial epithets.

Stevenson was first transported to Greene County General Hospital for a medical check then to jail. His bond was set at $500 surety with ten percent allowed. He posted $50 and was released then scheduled to appear in court for an initial hearing on Monday.

In court, Greene County Deputy Public Defender Ashley Dyer was appointed to represent him, a protective order was put in place and Stevenson was ordered to have no contact with the person he had been yelling at.