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Ashley McKee to plead guilty to neglect of a dependent

Ashley McKee

Ashley McKee

A 35-year-old Jasonville woman has agreed to plead guilty to neglect of a dependent in a case that’s connected with Logan White. White recently was convicted and sentenced for felony child molesting.

Ashley McKee, 35, was under investigation by Greene County Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant James O’Malley, Prosecutor’s Investigator Julie Criger and several others. O’Malley was also the lead investigator in the case against Logan White.

The investigation into allegations of child molestation by White, which took place in December 2017 and January 2018, involved McKee and her family. The incidents occurred in McKee’s home.

A criminal case was filed and a warrant was issued for McKee’s arrest in February of 2018. McKee was age 34 at the time of her arrest by Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Harvey Holt on February 27, 2018. She’s now 35. Her bond was set at $4,000 surety with ten percent allowed and she bonded out the same day after posting $400 cash.

When she appeared for her initial hearing in March, a public defender, Ellen Martin, was appointed to represent her and she was charged with neglect of a dependent – places dependent in situation that endangers the dependent, Level 6 felony.

Early Tuesday, a negotiated plea agreement was filed in Greene Superior Court, signed by McKee, her public defender, and Greene County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Keven McIntosh.

McKee intends to change her plea to guilty and then pay a $100 fine plus court costs and a $100 child abuse prevention fee.

She’ll be sentenced to two years in the Greene County Jail or Indiana Department of Corrections.

The amount of time suspended is being left to the discretion of the judge, with her jail time to be served on an alternative sentencing program if she’s eligible.

She’ll be on probation for whatever amount of time is suspended. If she does not commit any new crimes and successfully completes her probation with no violations, the felony may be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor.

Sentencing is expected to take place in July.

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