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Man allegedly deposited fraudulent check then quickly spent the money

Justin Rice

Justin Rice

A Bloomington man, who allegedly deposited a fraudulent check in a Linton bank then made several purchases and withdrawals, has been arrested and is facing a felony charge.

Justin D. Rice, 35, of Bloomington, was arrested on July 6 in a case that’s been under investigation by Linton Police Officer Debbie McDonald-Miller since December.

Officer McDonald-Miller spoke with the bank manager at Main Source Bank in Linton who explained that on September 15, 2017, Justin D. Rice came into the bank and opened a checking account. Then on October 19, he deposited what turned out to be a fraudulent check from SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education in the amount of $1,620.

The bank manager reported that Rice withdrew $300 cash from a Bloom Bank ATM machine in Bloomington that same day.

Then the next day, on October 20, bank records show Rice made cash withdrawals or made purchases of $80 at Wood Forest National ATM machine in Bloomington; $31.40 at McDonald’s in Linton; $4.27 at Chuckles in Linton; $30.27 at Kroger’s in Bloomington; $125.50 at Sunoco in Linton; $40 at UDWI REMC; and $1,000 at Main Source Bank.

He also accumulated ATM fees amounting to $14.50.

Since the deposited check was not good, the bank manager said his account was overdrawn in the amount of $1,829.83.

Main Source Bank sent letters to Rice, on October 26, November 2, November 15, November 22 and December 11. The account was closed on December 11.

Officer McDonald-Miller attempted to contact Rice but she reported the phone number he provided to Main Source Bank was not accepting calls. She also spoke to the landlord of a residence in Linton, the address he provided to Main Source Bank, and the landlord said he had never rented to Rice and if he was living there, it was without his knowledge.

A criminal case was filed against Rice in April and a warrant issued.

When he appears in Greene Superior Court for an initial hearing, he will be charged with theft, a Level 6 felony.