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Lyons man facing a variety of charges in two cases filed late Friday

Brian Shane Kendall

Brian Shane Kendall

A Lyons man had two criminal cases filed against him late on Friday. When questioned, he allegedly told a deputy he doesn’t remember it all and he is sorry, but he’s still facing a variety of charges.

Brian Shane Kendall, 42, was arrested by Greene County Sheriff’s Detective Shawn Cullison after a Lyons woman called GCSD dispatch late Wednesday night to report Kendall was trespassing in her back yard.

A couple of days earlier, the same woman had reported a burglary at her residence and Kendall was a suspect. Several firearms had been reported as missing along with other items.

Det. Cullison responded and as he was southbound on State Road 67 coming into Lyons, he saw a black Dodge truck, with some items in the bed of the truck, driving west on Broad Street. Cullison knew the truck belonged to Kendall, he stopped the truck, and Kendall was the driver.

When asked if he had been to the residence where the burglary had taken place, Kendall allegedly said he had found a lawn mower in his shed that was not his and he assumed it came from the recent burglary so he was taking it back to them.

Cullison reported Kendall’s speech was rapid and he saw signs that would indicate use of methamphetamine.

Deputy Marshal Russell Walls of the Worthington Police Department and GCSD Deputy Alan Jackson then arrived in Lyons to assist.

Kendall did not do well on field sobriety tests and was transported to the sheriff’s department. He didn’t do well on tests there either but he allegedly admitted he had used meth earlier in the day and that there was a bag with marijuana in his truck.

He agreed to a chemical test but before he was transported to Greene County General Hospital for a blood draw, he changed his mind, and the deputy applied for a search warrant to get the blood sample. Results are pending.

Deputies reported the items found in Kendall’s truck included a handgun with a serial number that matched a gun reported as stolen from the resident in Lyons, and marijuana. Since Kendall is a convicted felon, he did not have a permit to carry a handgun.

So Kendall was booked into jail early on Thursday, July 19, by Det. Cullison. His bond was set at $14,500 surety with ten percent allowed. He did not bond out.

As a result of this incident, a criminal case was filed against Kendall in Greene Circuit Court late on Friday, July 2o.

But at the same time, a second case was filed against him, also in Greene Circuit Court – this one stemming from incidents that had taken place earlier in the day on Wednesday, July 18.

Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy James Carpenter investigated the earlier incident. In this case, a male resident of Lyons had contacted Greene County Sheriff’s Dispatch early Wednesday to report that his golf cart had been stolen, but he had found it.

The man said his golf cart was at his home, plugged in and charging, late on Tuesday, July 17, but when he went out early Wednesday, it was gone. He and a friend went looking for it and saw it sitting next to the Lyons town barn.

The man and his friend said they saw Kendall walking out of the building, carrying two jugs of oil, but he took off running when he saw the two men. The man said there was a battery and items in a cardboard box on the golf cart that did not belong to him.

An official from the Town of Lyons then arrived on this scene and identified the items on the golf cart as town property. Deputies also discovered damage to the town barn.

When GCSD Deputy Terry Wade attempted to make contact with Kendall at his home, he was unsuccessful, but he did see two jugs of oil sitting next to Kendall’s front door.

Then several hours later, Kendall was arrested and wound up in jail. When interviewed there, Kendall allegedly had a story to tell in which he said he had knocked on the golf cart owner’s door to borrow the cart, but nobody answered so he borrowed the cart and then took it back. When told the cart was found at the town barn, Kendall allegedly said he thought he had taken it back but he had been using methamphetamine and has not remembered what had been going on.

Deputy Carpenter reported that Kendall said he doesn’t remember being at the town barn, doesn’t remember taking two jugs of oil and didn’t know why he would. When told the door to the barn was damaged, he allegedly said he didn’t know why he had done any of this and he was sorry.

A warrant was issued for Kendall’s arrest in the second case with a bond set at $19,500 surety with ten percent cash allowed.

That’s a total of $34,000 surety bond for both cases. It would take $3,400 cash for Kendall to be released.

Kendall is facing a number of criminal counts.

In one case:

  • Convicted felon carrying a handgun – defendant has a felony conviction without the last 15 years, a Level 5 felony,
  • Possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor, and
  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a Class C misdemeanor.

In the other case:

  • Burglary, a Level 5 felony,
  • Theft – defendant has a prior conviction for theft, a Level 6 felony,
  • Auto theft – theft of entire vehicle, a Level 6 felony,
  • Theft, a Class A misdemeanor, and
  • Criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor.