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Case Closed: Felony case dismissed against man accused of residential entry

Robert Clifft

Robert Clifft

The criminal case against a 41-year-old man, accused of residential entry, a Level 6 felony, has been dismissed.

Robert Jason Clifft was accused of walking in to a rural Bloomfield man’s house on March 19. The man said Clifft was not invited and not welcome and the two men allegedly got into an altercation. The resident called the police.

Following an investigation by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, a criminal case was filed against Clifft and a warrant issued for his arrest. He was booked in on June 4, then released after he posted $400 cash on his bond set at $4,000 with ten percent allowed.

During Clifft’s initial hearing on June 11 in Greene Superior Court, Greene County Public Defender Alan Baughman was appointed to represent him and future court dates were scheduled on the docket.

Then on Wednesday, June 20, the prosecution filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Early Thursday morning, the court granted the motion, canceled the upcoming court dates and ordered Clifft’s cash bond money be released.

Case closed.

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