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Linton man accused of battery on a pregnant woman

Robert Hauck

Robert Hauck

A Linton man is accused of pushing and throwing punches at a pregnant woman, refusing to leave her home when asked, but running away when a police officer arrived.

Robert Michael Tanner Hauck, 22, was arrested on Sunday, July 29, and booked in to the Greene County Jail by Officer Nick Yingling of the Linton Police Department.

Yingling was dispatched to a residence in Linton when a woman called and said Hauck was refusing to leave her home.

When Yingling arrived, he said the woman told him Hauck was drunk and she just wanted him gone, and before Yingling got there, he had left on foot. Yingling told her to call if he showed up again.

Yingling drove around the area looking for Hauck but was unable to locate him, then he was dispatched back to the woman’s residence.

In a probable cause document prepared by Yingling, he said when he arrived, he saw Hauck pushing and throwing punches at the woman and her family. Hauck took off running and Yingling took off after Hauck. He was unable to catch Hauck and another officer on patrol was also trying to locate him with no success.

It wasn’t long before Yingling was again dispatched to the same residence because Hauck was back.

LPD Officer Orry Phipps also responded and this time, Hauck was taken into custody.

Hauck was transported to the Greene County Jail but Yingling reported that on the way, Hauck was mad and yelling and told the officer several times that he would fight him.

In interviews with the woman, who told Yingling she is pregnant, about what transpired prior to the police being called to the home, she alleged that Hauck had been drinking alcohol, took her vehicle and was driving around, so she confronted him when he returned. A verbal argument turned physical and she said Hauck had grabbed her by the throat and pushed her into a wall and window. She also said he had taken her phone from her and took it with him when he left the house.

Hauck’s bond was set at $13,500 surety with ten percent cash allowed.

A criminal case was filed against him on Monday.

When he appears in court for an initial hearing, he will be formally charged with:     

  • Battery resulting in bodily injury to a pregnant woman, a Level 5 felony,
  • Intimidation – threat is to certain types of people, a Level 6 felony,
  • Resisting law enforcement – knowingly or intentionally flees, a Class A misdemeanor, and
  • Theft, a Class A misdemeanor.