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Wanted: Linton woman suspected of stealing another woman’s car

A warrant was issued this week for a Linton woman accused of stealing another woman’s car.

She said she had permission to use it and returned it to the owner. The owner said she did not have permission and it was missing. Police were able to recover the vehicle in a motel parking lot.

A criminal case against Angel Ray Dawn Walls, 33, was filed Tuesday and the warrant was issued the same day.

Detective Paul Clark of the Linton Police Department talked to the owner of the vehicle and her mother on June 12 after the owner went to the police station to report the vehicle as stolen.

The owner said when she left her house to go to work late on June 11, the vehicle was there. So was Walls. The owner said she and her mother try to do what they can to help Walls and Walls was there doing laundry when she left.

It was not until early the next day, June 12, that the owner and her mother realized the vehicle was missing. The vehicle was primarily used by the mother.

As Clark was interviewing and investigating, LPD Chief Troy Jerrell told him he had encountered Walls in the evening of June 11 and she was driving a car that fit the description. He said Walls told him she had borrowed it from a friend.

Jerrell then located the vehicle parked at Allen’s Motel in Linton and talked to a witness who said they saw Walls getting out of the vehicle the night before, then getting into another vehicle to leave. Jerrell had the vehicle towed to the Linton Police Department.

According to a probable cause affidavit prepared by Det. Clark, when he spoke to Walls on June 13, she claimed she had been given permission to use the vehicle by the owner’s mother. She was going to go to the store to get cigarettes and was supposed to come straight back. She admitted she did not. When asked where the vehicle was, she allegedly told Clark she had returned it to the owner’s residence.

Walls is wanted on a preliminary charge of auto theft, a Level 6 felony.