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Arrest warrant issued Friday: Bloomfield woman accused of child seduction

A warrant was issued Friday for the arrest of a Bloomfield woman who served as a cheerleading coach for Bloomfield Schools and also worked as a full-time substitute teacher for Linton-Stockton Schools. Morgan M. Judy, 23, is accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with a 17-year-old male Bloomfield student. The preliminary charges filed against Judy on Friday include two counts of child seduction - one Level 5 felony and one Level 6 felony.

This case has been under investigation by Detective Brad Stille of the Indiana State Police since Tuesday, May 8. Det. Stille detailed his investigation in a probable cause affidavit filed in Greene Circuit Court.

Officials at Bloomfield School reported they had received information that Judy was sexually involved with a student. When Stille was called in on May 8, he interviewed the male student that same day as well as Judy.

According to Stille, the student told him Judy had invited him, through Twitter, to a “Cinco de Mayo” party that occurred in Bloomfield on Saturday, May 5, through the early hours of Sunday, May 6. He said they kissed but did not have sex.

Stille said Judy said she was intoxicated and denied kissing or having sex with the student. When confronted with the information from the student, she replied that she didn’t remember kissing due to the alcohol but she would have remembered if they had sex. She did say she probably invited the student to the party.

The next day, on May 9, Stille obtained search warrants for the seizure and examination of the cell phones of both the student and Judy. At this point, Stille reported the student said he had not been honest during the first interview and told the detective that he and Judy had gone into a bedroom, made out, and Judy performed oral sex on the student.

When the search warrant was executed for Judy’s cell phone on May 10, she was interviewed again and admitted to kissing the student but denied performing a sex act.

Later in the investigation, the student was interviewed again on June 12. According to the detective,  during this interview, the student advised Stille of the details of the encounter – details that were included in the affidavit for probable cause but will not be included in this story.

The student also shared messages between the two that had been backed up on a laptop computer. The detective explained details of the messages that involved Judy advising the student to deny that anything happened, to tell others she was incoherent and way too drunk, to delete messages and her contact number from his phone and to stop texting her.

When Judy is taken into custody, she will be scheduled to appear at an initial hearing in Greene Circuit Court to be formally charged with:

  • Child seduction – a child care worker in sexual intercourse or other sexual conduct with a child 16-17 years old, a Level 5 felony, and
  • Child seduction – a child care worker engages in fondling or touching with a child 16-17 years old, a Level 6 felony.